Work with me in two ways...


Business Diagnosis

For new clients to analyse their business

The Business Diagnosis is a 1-hour session that’s ideal if you’re not sure about next steps.

I bring a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to accurately ‘take the temperature’ of your business (so to speak). With this clear overview I can turn what we find into practical tips and recommendations that help you to move the business forward, past the stumbling blocks that have been holding you back. We will address:

  • your vision/mission

  • your product/service

  • your market

  • problems and dilemmas

  • ideal next steps


Strategy Development

For existing clients to build their business

The Strategic Business Playbook is what you’ll have in your hands when we’re finished.


This document clearly defines your new brand and marketing strategy, letting you and your team know exactly where you’re going and exactly how they will contribute.  Depending on your agreed needs, we will arrive at this end goal via these broad steps:

  • Vision and goal setting

  • market and strategic positioning assessment

  • business strategy creation 

  • brand and marketing strategy creation

  • practical workshops

Not sure what you need?

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