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My story.

As a young 22-year-old marketing graduate, I was thrown straight into deep waters. Given the responsibility of single-handedly setting up my own business unit, brand and producing a product range destined for international expansion.

I spent the first 12 months of my marketing career working solo, working out how to research, conceptualise, and launch a new to the market idea that would help a homebrewing business attract a new audience through kits that helped customers make their own cheese.


Teaching myself how to make cheese while scouring the internet for commercial cheesemaking supplies from around the world, I quickly started to form the idea of all included DIY kits, just add milk,  as a 'fool-proof' method to help the everyday cheese enthusiast to be able to successfully make different types of artisan cheeses at home. 


Every weekend I invited friends, family, and anyone I found 'anyone remotely interested',  to my house to partake in my newest cheese-making workshop, test out the kit concepts, and taste my latest cheese experiment. I'd write down their questions, note down anything that triggered extreme emotions like confusion or excitement, as well as anything I could find out about who the most interested people were, and what made them tick. I took all this information away to start piecing together what would be the birth of my first brand and final product range, The Mad Millie DIY Cheese Kits. 

When it came time to launch, the range was a huge success, selling out of our first 200 products in the first week, and generating over 1 million dollars in revenue in it's first year.


The range was so unique and so 'on trend' with the emerging  'know-what is in your food' trend we got featured in local and international media, and quickly launched in Australia and the US the following year. All without a cent spent on advertising. 

It was at that point I realised,  that it's not your marketing budget that determines your business success. Timing, market trends, knowing what makes your customer tick, and desiring the right products with the right business model was so much more important. 

In my 13+ years in marketing, I've used the same philosophy to build two international brands from the ground up (both turning over multiple millions in revenue every year), am busy building my third as CoFounder of an electric motorcycle company, FTN Motion. I have also successfully managed dozens of new products and brands and helped many other entrepreneurs bring their businesses to life from all corners of the world. 


In addition to holding a first-class honors degree in Marketing & International business, I've since also been trained in design thinking, design sprint facilitation, business model innovation, and value proposition design through top institutes and training bodies including IDEO, Google Ventures, and Strategyzer. 


When not behind my laptop, you'll mostly find me with a nose in a business or self-development book, wandering through the beautiful streets of my home in Amsterdam, or traveling around my home country, New Zealand with my husband and dog in our self-renovated retro caravan.

Your brand is not your logo. Marketing is more than advertising. Your business needs more than a good product to succeed.

I bring it all together. 


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