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Struggling to make your marketing efforts pay off? 

 Let's change that 

I bridge the gap between the busy work most small businesses suffer from, and strategic marketing that drives real business outcomes.

Grappling with aimless marketing tasks and feeling lost about where to start? I totally get it.

You're looking to ensure every dollar you invest counts, and that's precisely what we'll achieve together.

 I'll help you: 
  • ​Nail down your unique positioning in the market based on real consumer insights and market trends.

  • Develop a compelling value proposition and a unified messaging strategy.

  • Build a brand and marketing strategy tailored for your target audience.

  • Identify how to optimise your marketing budget and how to get the team or players you’ll need on board to make it happen.

  • Monitor and optimise marketing performance using KPIs and develop performance appraisal systems for your team that actually matter to your business.

I bring a holistic,
big-picture approach to marketing and brand building that seamlessly integrates and supports your business goals.

  • No more disconnected tactics or vanity metrics.

  • Partnering with me means diving into a thorough analysis of your business and the market you operate in.

  • Along with customised strategies based on my expertise in business model innovation, brand strategy, and marketing.

  • I provide advice and hands-on support in managing your marketing resources and monitor role performance.

  • In short, I’ll become a connected part of your team, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Not your typical marketing consultant...

I'm a seasoned entrepreneur with hands-on experience in building and scaling multi-million dollar businesses.


Alongside my First-Class Honors Degree in Marketing & International Business, I bring specialist training in Business Model Innovation and Value Proposition Design from IDEO and Google Ventures to the doorstep of your brand.


With over 15 years of hands-on experience, I've successfully created two multi-million dollar international brands. And I am currently the co-founder and director of my soon-to-be third at FTN Motion.


My Success Stories

I'm the brain child behind Mad Millie: DIY Cheese Kits— a business I scaled to $1 million in revenue in its first year, with zero spend on advertising when I was 23.

At 25, I disrupted the home brew industry by finding a gap in the market for an affordable all in one electric home brew product which resulted in an international brand turning over $12 million in revenue over 3 years.

These days, as well as helping founders build their own business and marketing capability, I’m also the Co-Founder of FTN Motion, applying the same growth strategies to revolutionise sustainable urban transport.

Play to hear about my experience!

What drives me

One of the most personally valuable learnings was training in design thinking: a proven methodology for a successful business, and translatable to your everyday life….I actually created a life I love from it. 


In my spare time, you’ll find me enjoying that exact life - wandering the beautiful streets of Amsterdam, road-tripping around my home country New Zealand with my husband and dog, or reading a business or self-development book.

A brand isn’t just a logo. Marketing is more than advertising. Business need more than a good product. 

I help you bring it all together.

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