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Business Diagnosis

Understand where your business is at, where you want to go, and what help you actually need to get there. 


Sound familiar? 

  • You know your business could do better, but you're just not quite sure what it's missing. 

  • You feel frazzled and not quite sure where to focus or put your efforts to get the business results you're after. 

  • You have so many ideas, but are not sure which ones are any good, or where you should focus first. 

  • You think you should be starting to spend more time on marketing but you aren't quite sure where to start. 

  • You are confused about all the different types of marketers out there, what they do and which one you actually need to grow your business. 

  • You just don't have time to figure it all out, and wish someone who's already been there would take you by the hand and tell you what to do. 

  • You're finding it increasingly hard to stand out from the competition and wonder what would help. 

Get expert insights and analysis from a successful CMO with the 'Business Diagnosis'

What does the Business Diagnosis include?

1. Business Diagnosis questionnaire for you to fill out before the start of our session. This looks at the stage your business or idea is at now, your goals, wins, and any struggles you are having.

2. A scan of your current online marketing materials and activity. 

3. An interactive 60-minute video call where we discuss your business. I listen carefully and ask you the questions that will allow me to make practical recommendations and suggestions for your business and its direction.

4. A summary diagnosis report with my recommendations and next steps after our session together. 

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The Business Diagnosis is for....


Startup founders who have a brand in the marketplace and are looking to step up their marketing game. 


Entrepreneurs with a new business idea, looking for advice on what they need to do to get it ready for investment or launch. 

Business Diagnosis

One time cost

USD $395


You'll get


Expert advice on the factors that may be holding your business back and how to pinpoint them. 


Practical steps on what to do next. 


A quick-fire diagnostic summary report delivered 5 working days after our call.

What makes the Business Diagnosis Unique? 

From a  young age, I understood that you can spend as much as you want on marketing, but if you've got the wrong product, a brand that's off, a dysfunctional business model, or you are targeting the wrong customers,  you're wasting money.


I quickly learnt how to identify where problems lie deep in the business strategy, and how to fine-tune these first so that marketing is much more effective. 


In my 13 years in business, I've built 2 international brands from the ground up (both turning over multiple millions in revenue every year), am busy building my third, and have successfully managed dozens of new products and brands.


Through a Business Diagnosis, I'm able to bring my years of experience to bear on your problems, give you a quick analysis of where the key ones lie, and then recommend the best ways to address them. 






Frequently Asked Questions

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