Business Playbook

You've finished a series of Strategy Workshops, and now it is time to implement your new strategy. How do you keep focused and make sure everyone is on the same path towards success? 

This is where the Business Playbook comes in. It's so much more than a summary of our work together. It's a highly visual and comprehensive tool to help you keep everyone aligned and engaged with your mission and vision.


*Price excludes EU VAT for EU residents

Keep your team aligned and drumming along with the Business Playbook.

What can I use the Business Playbook for?




Onboard new and existing team members and get them up to speed with comprehensive background information and analysis of your business.

Inspire the entire team with a visual overview of the unique mission, vision and purpose of your business.

Keep your team and business plan sharp with a clear definition of your competition and threats to your business, as well as potential opportunities and areas of growth.

Measure your progress with clear and practical metrics.

Stay on track with a comprehensive overview of the road ahead and the practical steps you need to take to make the most of this long-term strategy.

Get the whole team working towards the same goal with realistic OKRs or KPIs.

Refer back to key findings and conclusions from our series of Strategy Workshops together.

Who is the Business Playbook for?

This document is suited for sharing with new and existing team members, senior leaders within the business as well as outside stakeholders such as investors.

What happens to the Business Playbook if the direction of my business changes?

The Business Playbook is a living guide to the secrets of your success. It can be continually added to and updated as your business evolves and grows. 

The Business Playbook costs   €350-* and is created off the back of a series of Strategy Workshops.

*Price excludes EU VAT for EU residents

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Do you want a visual guide to the secrets of your business's success?

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