Brand Accelerator 

Sustainably grow your business over the long term with ongoing strategy workshops, and strategic marketing consulting to create a business and brand unlike any other. 

Sounds familiar? 

  • You're so busy with the business that getting the time to work on the business has taken a back seat.

  • You're finding it increasingly hard to stand out from the growing competition. 

  • You're not sure if the marketing strategy is effective, or how to measure its success. 

  • You feel there is a lack of alignment on projects and what you and your team should be working on first.

  • You're thinking about scaling your business, but you're not sure your current business model will cope. 

  • You struggle to articulate your unique value proposition in a concise way that everyone understands and that clearly communicates how you stand out from your competitors.

  • You want to expand your business internationally, but you're not sure which products to introduce into which markets, and the best way to do so.

  • You feel frazzled and not quite sure where to focus or put your efforts to get the business results you're after. 

  • You lack a clear plan or road map for focused growth that the whole team can get behind. 

Step back from the day-to-day to work on the big picture. 


Move forward with: 


Practical workshops using the latest collaborative tools to help you design crystal clear, well-articulated brand & marketing strategies to achieve your business goals. 


Creation of your Business Playbook, in which we turn the key components from what we developed through our workshops into easily understandable plans and guidelines ready for implementation.


Invaluable hands-on consultancy, mentoring, implementation advice & support from a trusted expert who has been there and done it herself. 

Working together, you'll learn...


How to build your competitive advantage in layers so that it's incredibly difficult to copy.


How to build assumptions and quickly test them to determine the best choice and strategy.


How to become a #1 global brand by creating a monopoly in your well-defined market.


How to build empathy with your customers so your brand speaks to them on an emotional level.


How to link business strategy, business model design, brand and marketing strategy to grow faster while spending less on advertising.


How to use strategy to build a high-performing team that lives and breathes your vision to help you bring it to life.

Results we'll achieve 


Intentional and targeted in all your activities.

 Cut through noise. Get attention without spending $1,000's on advertising.


Clear direction and plans for growth.

Enter new markets, develop products,  and launch brands with more certainty. 


Engage & inspire the whole company.

Clear vision and actionable plans which inspire the whole team to get behind.  

What we'll cover together


Business Strategy

Envisioning the business we want to create by identifying the opportunity/gap we are filling, creating and optimising the supporting business model, and creating a go-to-market plan.

Includes: Market Analysis - SWOT - Competitor Analysis - Consumer Research - Business Model Testing - Business Model Design - Value Proposition Design - Business Vision & Goal Setting - Company Culture - Business Strategy Design - Business Assumption Testing.


Brand Strategy

Creating the right brand to front our business, stand out from the crowd and resonate with our selected customers.

Includes: Brand Positioning Statement - Customer Value Proposition - Brand Mission - Brand Vision - Brand Values - Tone of Voice - Customer Value Mapping - Customer Avatar & Persona Development - Brand Content Pillars.


Marketing Strategy & Management

Communicating to the world, captivating our audience, and meeting the goals of the business and brand.



Includes: Marketing Goals - Marketing Strategy - Marketing Plans & Tactics - Customer Journey Mapping - Marketing Channel Optimisation - Conversion Rate Optimisation - Emotive VS Rational-Based Advertising - Marketing Funnels - Marketing Budget Optimisation - Building a Marketing & Sales Team - Marketing KPIs & OKRs.

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3 intensities, one goal. Let's build your business.



Perfect for startups with less than 2 employees and/or founders doing the majority of the marketing.


per month

(~1 day p/month)



Perfect for startups with less than 5 employees, founders and/or one person responsible for marketing.


per month

(~2 days p/month)



Perfect for startups looking to get things done quickly, or scaleups with an established marketing team, looking for leadership to boost their results. 


per month

(~4 days p/month)

Every month, get:

  • Strategic oversight of your brand and business strategy from the perspective of an experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

  • Goal and KPI setting with guidance on measurement and tactical improvements. 

  • Strategy workshops, coaching and mentoring sessions. 

  • Ongoing support for your internal marketing team.

  • Development and ongoing upkeep of your 'Business Playbook' which outlines your brand and business strategy, ready for implementation.

  • Access to professional hands-on marketing support and technical know-how for when you and your team need help with implementation.


"....to sum up, the first session turned out to be super insightful and we are looking forward to working and enriching our start-up together!"

"Saskia is an outstanding marketing strategist and a pleasure to work with. She brings a wealth of experience and innovation to her profession. She demonstrates a lot of care in her work. She took the time to consider the purpose of what I was seeking to achieve. She brought many great ideas and honest feedback that helped create and improve the digital marketing strategy and resources for my business."

"Saskia is very strategic yet detailed too. She was able to help us on a consulting project involving business background analysis and helped us develop a strategy for growth. We are pleased with the outcome and will continue working with her on upcoming projects!"

"Hey Saskia! I want to thank you for all your efforts. The business strategy document is integral to our growth and is used in onboarding sessions for each and every employee. I think you'll be happy to know that our big hairy goals are also being met! Originally, we set a goal to build momentum in Dec 2021 for SAAS. We ended the year off with over 150+ paying subscriptions, and 30% of them are yearly and 3 years' plans too!"


The Brand Accelerator is for....


Startup & Scaleup founders looking to supercharge their existing business through strategic marketing used to build a brand and business that stands out from the rest. 


New entrepreneurs looking for guidance on building and launching a powerful brand and business model around a new idea.




Let's create something worth talking about 

Experience has taught me that you can spend as much as you want on marketing, but if you've got the wrong product, a brand that's off, a dysfunctional business model, or you're targeting the wrong customers, you're wasting your money.


I know how to identify the problems that are crippling your business strategy, and how to fix them to make your marketing more effective. 

I specialise in creating brands that have a 'natural buzz', that we can amplify through clever marketing strategies for even greater impact. 


In my 13 years in business, I've built 2 international brands from the ground up (both turning over multiple millions in revenue every year), am busy building my third, and have successfully managed dozens of new products and brands.


I've been trained in design thinking, design sprints and workshop facilitation techniques through top institutes and training bodies including IDEO, Google Ventures, and Strategyzer. ​



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